February 04, 2009


As I lay my head down on this pillow It felt like a thousand of spike rushing into my nerve
And every time these memories remain in my head
I try to fight it but I fell over and over again
We used to be somebody in the middle of somewhere
But our time is running out and there is no room for two of us
And it’s getting dark while you disappear from my sight
Why can’t you just hold my hand for just a little longer?
I - had - trusted - you - in - my - whole - life
But you’ll never understand
And - you’re - keeping - lying - and - I’m – drowning
With my hand strapped on my leg
Within these fear that I have to bear
I was so alone while you with some one else
Try to get up but these hands were tied
Can’t even get around even if I tried
Why can’t you hear me for so long?
It should be never end this way
Why can’t you stay and just hold on
Leaving me behind on my own and… +++++++++++++++diz lyric adalah direka oleh adik aku tok band dia..sajer jer aku nak promote nie..hehhe...(^_^)..amaca besh tak??? cuber KOmen ckit....bg aku touching gak la..bleeding love...besh2..skunk ni ni diorang tgh peringkat akhir siapkan sound check,,so t aku upload r lagu nie..sesamer aku doakan diorang leh berjayer..hehhe....++++++++++++++++

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ErinAinAzeren said...

ok lar lyric nie..
senang nak pham,
nanti dah siap sume bg kite dgr heh?